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When it comes to large home improvement projects, there is often one area of concern: to get the job done right, you need to hire contractors and have them in your home and living space for an extended period of time. If you're considering a new deck for your home, then Tri-State Decks wants you to know that living with deck contractors is easy, and is worth it. There are steps you can take with any contractor to ensure that your experience is as stress-free as possible. Be aware ahead of time that there are certain things that deck contractors are going to need from you every day while the construction is going on. Contractors use power tools, and are going to need electricity. If you can devote one or more electrical plugs for your deck contractors to use, that's a good start.

If the plugs are outside and close to the work area, that's great. If the plugs are inside, it's a good idea to unplug anything you can, and let the contractors know that those plugs are available. Unless your deck contractors bring a port-a-potty to the work site, they will need access to your bathroom. If you are worried about them tracking in a mess, you'll want to lay down towels or rugs for the contractors to walk on. Check to be sure the bathroom is appropriately stocked. One thing you need to bear in mind: our deck contractors are there to work on your deck. You may feel tempted to ask them to help you with an extra small project somewhere inside your home. Hey, the contractor is onsite and able to do the work, right? You shouldn't do this - we are insured and bonded to work on decks, not on other projects. Deck contractors are paid by the hour, and need to be focused exclusively on making your new deck. Sometimes, you have children or pets in your home. While it's your responsibility to care for them, you'll want to let your deck contractors know that they are present. Sometimes an excited dog gets loose and will run right toward your deck contractors. Letting them know about the dog ahead of time will avoid any problems or bad feelings.

And if you have any ground rules about what your children can see or hear, have a discrete word with the lead contractor about what is forbidden in your home. The best way to feel comfortable about what your deck contractors are doing is to have an ongoing conversation with your crew leader. Check in with the leader from time to time about how the work is progressing. Have they run into any unanticipated problems? How did they cope? Tri-State Decks values professionalism and job quality. Once you've decided to build a new deck in the tri-state area, we want your business. We will work with you from start to finish, taking your deck needs and working with you to make them a reality. There are many things we can do to make the process go smoothly. We guarantee our price estimates, unless you change the project. You will feel comfortable working with Tri-State Decks as your deck contractors, and you will love your new deck!


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