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There are several specialized challenges behind designing and building decks. Contractors are like puzzle solvers: we figure out how to take what the customer wants (not always easy!), and build a deck that satisfies all the relevant local laws, gets the most use out of all the supplies while avoiding waste, and gets the job done in the shortest amount of time. When it comes to building decks, contractors have to take a lot of factors into account.

One key factor in the design of your deck is how the deck is going to be used. Are you planning on hosting parties? We'll want to be sure that your deck will safely support everyone's weight, and that the railings are extra secure. Will you be using the deck for tanning? We'll need to figure out where to build the deck so that a part of it has sunlight for several hours per day. Are you going to grill and eat on your deck? Maybe we can create a custom grill area built right into the deck, and we'll need a place for the dining table that's preferably out of the sun.

Here's another factor: often, new deck owners want a pool or a hot tub built into the deck. This can be done, but there has to be enough space under the deck to hold the pool or tub. The top of the pool shouldn't be level with the deck; otherwise people will accidentally drop right into it! Plus, water is heavy - to put hot tubs on rooftop decks, contractors have to figure out how to distribute the weight evenly across the roof.

For a more laid back family deck, you might want seating, flower boxes, more than one level, and special night lighting. With our experience designing and building decks, contractors at Tri-State Decks know how to translate your needs into the deck of your dreams.

The choice of materials used in your deck is important. You can choose materials that match the look of your home perfectly: the right type of wood with appropriate accessories. You can choose materials that are designed to resist wind, rain, and insects; you can also choose materials that have a certain look, but will need yearly staining to ensure your deck lasts for years to come. When it comes to choosing materials for decks, contractors at Tri-State Decks can help make the best choice for you and your circumstances.

One final set of factors in effective deck design and construction are local legal requirements. Most municipalities have laws and rules about how decks must be built. Plans must be created, and those plans should be submitted to your local planning board for review. Your deck will have to be a certain distance from each of your property lines. There will be rules for the deck railing. You may need a site work permit before you get started, and you may need to have the construction inspected at various stages of the project. Tri-State Decks contractors can ensure that your deck design is compliant with local codes, and we can secure all the needed building permits on your behalf.


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